Rabu, 01 Juli 2009

The Most Beautiful Trip Is Going Home

Although this time I only had less than a week to stay in my hometown Yogyakarta, but I was satissfied could visit my mom's grave at the last day of my stay.

My children also played hard with their cousins from day till late night. I could chat a lot with my one and only sister, talk about our husbands, our children and our dreams. Seeing my father in a good health was the greatest gift of my coming home. Especially when watching my father playing with all of his grandchildren since it become a rare occasion for him.

In the middle of my staying, unexpected, my best friend Laras called me to ask a small reunion among girlsfriends from elementry school. So, I met two moms and one wife who were my playmates and are now keep living in Yogya. Whatta a lovely reunion. Alhamdulillah, Ya Allah, You give me a chance to meet great and wonderful women with their own stories. Stories about struggling life. Stories that keep me saying thankful words to You. Grateful to our life, with all its weakness and strengths. Cherish every moment. Way to go, girls!

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