Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

One Day with Kids

My daughter and her class mates got photo session one day last week. I feel so lucky could capture the children's acts during their waiting and other moms didn't ...yessss, that's just one of serial advantages as a stay at home mom like I am, right? What a lovely morning and excited atmosphere when we have to compromise with fifteen 'under 5 years old' kids to use their costumes ... wowwww !!!!

Here are some pictures almost moms proud of and waiting for tagged at their facebook - but sorry, moms, I couldn't keep my promise to upload at fb. I'm sure you may enjoy your kids pose here as fun as if you're there at that time.

Luv you kiddos ...LOL

Chatting while waiting ...

Smile, dear ...!

The giant cucumber ...

She wants to touch the camera !

Kamis, 13 Mei 2010


I'm not in a good mood since yesterday. I don't feel any comfort, my heart beats faster, my mind is not focus, and my ears so itchy. Just to hear and see someone alse's (or even my friend's) happiness and her/his superiority than what I am or what I have right now. Comparing mine to others.
I know it's not a very good attitude.
This all means I'm not grateful with all I have.
It is envy ...
It sometimes happened to me.
May be someone else did to me, too.
And it never ends in pleasure...
Just wanna ease this feeling away from me.
Just wanna share it is okay to have an envy inside you ...or me, if we have a courage to fight this feeling.
Because it useless.
Envy hurts you deeply, it brings you away from e'one you love.
Astaghfirllah ...

~ Envy eats nothing but its own heart ~

Sabtu, 01 Mei 2010

What I've been doing lately ...

Say I'm not a good writer, so I stop blogging for months right now ... Nothing new about me unless I've been around with some sketches especially long sleeves shirts from batik. Never imagine that I will do this, but I did at least since 1 year ago. I'm in the early learning steps, not yet be confident introducing my design. Hope yall like the beautiful colour ... :)

Rabu, 09 September 2009

My Reunion Double Pages

For the background of these double pages I used wave 12x12 " cardboard. It always be may most favourite one because the wave, texture and colour seem so perfect for me. At the beginning of my work, I was a little bit in doubt how I was going ti mix the colour. The Marche Restaurant is so country style, and I didn't have any papers match with my theme. Fortunately I brought a brochure and loyalty card from it, so it began easier for me to get the colour harmony. I choosed "After years" title here coz I hadn't met my friends here for very long time, most of them I hadn't met for 10 years. So the fasting break this year became kind of sweet small reunion. Great time, great place, great layout for pages for me ...

Minggu, 30 Agustus 2009

My Ramadhan Journal

This idea suddenly came into my head when I was in the middle of cleaning up my scrapbooking stuff last week. As I mention on my status, I had a new tiny cabinet I planned to put all these goodies inside. When I saw my bulk of stuff could not all went into the new cabinet, then I thought of why not making these scraps into sweet ramadhan journal? Yeah, yeah, yeah ... good idea! I could take pictures and writing something during my ramadhan period this year. I'll make the Eid Mubarrak this time become the ending journal.

I'll show you one of my pictures here, and wait what I can make best for this Ramadhan Journal.
Happy Ramadhan e'body! :D

My menu for sahur on Day 1: Fried Fish, Brocolly n corn , fried tofu and chilli ketcup

My scrapbooking class @ GI on Day 7, I met two beautiful women who all in love ... :).

Whatta blessed Ramadhan. Insya'allah.

Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Can you see the cat on my head, bunda?

At the first day of her school after a week of absent - she got influenza together with her big brother and lost almost 2kgs of her weight - she had a new school bag. Yesss, her old bag was her brother's Barney bag, so I could say the it is her first one. How happy she was when she made a cat headband from paper @ school. Many times she ask me " Can you see the cat, bunda?" Yes, dear, I can see a sparkling in your eyes. There's no more happiness for me rather than seeing her in a healthy condition and enjoy her creativity...