Minggu, 30 Agustus 2009

My Ramadhan Journal

This idea suddenly came into my head when I was in the middle of cleaning up my scrapbooking stuff last week. As I mention on my status, I had a new tiny cabinet I planned to put all these goodies inside. When I saw my bulk of stuff could not all went into the new cabinet, then I thought of why not making these scraps into sweet ramadhan journal? Yeah, yeah, yeah ... good idea! I could take pictures and writing something during my ramadhan period this year. I'll make the Eid Mubarrak this time become the ending journal.

I'll show you one of my pictures here, and wait what I can make best for this Ramadhan Journal.
Happy Ramadhan e'body! :D

My menu for sahur on Day 1: Fried Fish, Brocolly n corn , fried tofu and chilli ketcup

My scrapbooking class @ GI on Day 7, I met two beautiful women who all in love ... :).

Whatta blessed Ramadhan. Insya'allah.

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  1. Good effort,mba.....surely it will be a wonderful journal to look at....and don't forget to share it here with us to see.....:)