Senin, 02 Februari 2009

Family Matter

Yesterday was never be easy for me to start a day. Since my son was in an high emotion before sleeping at Sunday night, I kept my eyes open until 11 pm. To catch the first early plane at 6am, I bet u cannot imagine what time I got up. Finally I was ready to go at 4.15am. Thank you to my hubby ;). Attending family business meeting was kindly a new thing, but interesting to follow after absent for years. Actually I'm rejecting the fact of family business matter until now. But the more I refused to see the more clearly I see that it is too hard to deny. Now I have to face the future challenges my grand dad had rid over in his past. I'm not alone, the whole family will support me. Don't worry, keep optimistic ...

2 komentar:

  1. Not only your family, your friends will also support you, bu... Take that challenge... Jalani aja..Everything will be allright.. :)