Minggu, 01 Maret 2009


I already planned to get home to Yogyakarta in this end of February. Going home for tax stuff was never be easy for me since I took over this annual duty after my mom pass away. Never knows anything related to tax calculation or imagines someday I will meet any difficult days in count it. But here I am, back to Yogya for this thing, tax calculation! Frankly, tax is the most discusting creature I've ever know in this world, besides flying cockroach absolutely. And once again, every year the fact comes to my face, wake me up to the reality that I have to deal with it. Just get used to it, do it carefully and confidence, and then you can sleep all night long after that. Come on, Tiara, you can do it!
The most wonderful this coming home is meet my dad and my sister and her sons. I always miss my hometown so I dream that someday in my the next years can leave here again till I die. I had an opprtunity to visit my friend, Anita Yan, a natural bag designer, who was in the middle of packing to move her new showroom. It was messy there, full of big boxes of cardboards. But the beautiful bags she designed still catch my eyes. She is one of a very talented and creative person I've ever met since 10 years ago. I bought three bags which I'll let you sneak one of them here.
Always believe that you have the capacity to do it, although you may not have it at the beginning ...

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