Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

One Day with Kids

My daughter and her class mates got photo session one day last week. I feel so lucky could capture the children's acts during their waiting and other moms didn't ...yessss, that's just one of serial advantages as a stay at home mom like I am, right? What a lovely morning and excited atmosphere when we have to compromise with fifteen 'under 5 years old' kids to use their costumes ... wowwww !!!!

Here are some pictures almost moms proud of and waiting for tagged at their facebook - but sorry, moms, I couldn't keep my promise to upload at fb. I'm sure you may enjoy your kids pose here as fun as if you're there at that time.

Luv you kiddos ...LOL

Chatting while waiting ...

Smile, dear ...!

The giant cucumber ...

She wants to touch the camera !

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  1. Duh, lucunyaaaa..........
    Memang dunia anak2 itu harus dinikmati dan diresapi habis habisan, mba :))))